Dawid Tadel | December 08, 2016

Turn leads into customers

An organization's business success largely depends on the number of customers it is able to attract. To achieve this goal, companies try to continuously monitor the number of their leads and do their best to convert them into customers. For this reason companies use CRM systems such as Salesforce to store detailed information about the leads in one place, process it, and make it available to relevant team members whenever needed.

Since time plays an important role in nurturing leads into sales, such information needs to be processed and made available to the right people as soon as possible.


Typically you can go one of the two routes:

  1. You can do it manually but that's boring and time-consuming, so please don't – trust me.

  2. You can restrict yourself to using email notifications only. Better, but comes with many limitations, so it's not that reliable either.

But now we get to the cool part, which is automating the whole lead managing “affair”. So let’s speed up this process significantly by redirecting the leads to a proper destination, and while at it, let’s do it automatically.

Everyday we receive a lot of messages. Some of them are more important than others. You can decide which messages are the most important and have them immediately sent for example from Gmail to any room in HipChat.

Subsequently, you can also make use of Connect to set up an integration between Salesforce and JIRA - whenever a new lead appears in your CRM, Connect is going to create a new task in JIRA with contact details and the great part is that you can assign it to whoever you wish. A salesman that gets it can immediately proceed to make contact with a potential client.

Thus, new, improved and automated lead managing workflow is formed

Connect will definitely accelerate your customer acquisition management. Test Connect during a 30-day free trial and set up your first workflow to let it handle lead management for you.

If you’re looking for a clue, start with these workflow-improving integrations for sales:

  1. Asana to Slack: Send notifications to Slack based on new Asana tasks.

  2. Trello to Trello: Copy new cards in Trello from one list to another.

  3. Salesforce to JIRA: Create new JIRA issues from Salesforce cases.

Dawid Tadel