Katarzyna Janius | December 08, 2016

Stay informed about billing activities with Connect

Every business grows to a certain point when company's billing activities and document workflow can get out of control. With time, even your free time can get filled with more paper work than you could possibly imagine. You can get wrapped up in company's billing while you could spend that time planning your company growth. This is especially the case when you are a head of a company and you have other responsibilities that get in your way.

The more tasks, the more web applications you need to master and monitor in order to stay on top of everything that’s going on around you.


Now, it’s high time to solve your billing issues

Keep all of the most important information in one place and keep everything in check. You don’t have to check separately your Gmail, CRM system or HipChat channels anymore. They are connected.

New invoices or failed charges will be delivered to your Slack or HipChat channels. No more switching between tabs. Get alerted about the crucial billing information whenever you want.

Connect will definitely accelerate your business and billing activities. Try Connect for a 30-day free trial and set up your first workflow to handle the billing for you.

If you’re looking for a clue, start with these three useful workflow automations for your billing activities:

  1. Salesforce to Mailchimp. Create new MailChimp subscribers from a new Salesforce leads.
  2. Stripe to JIRA. Get information about failed Stripe payments in JIRA.
  3. Salesforce to Slack. Get Slack alerts for specific Salesforce events.

Katarzyna Janius