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Overview of the greatest features

Take a quick walk through Connect’s features and see how easily you can automate lots of repetitive tasks and save lots of time

A full list of the apps you can integrate in real time with Connect

Real-time data

Immediate flow of information

For most of your applications, Connect can extract and forward information in real time, giving you immediate access to the data you need so that you can respond quickly and effectively.

Waiting for important information that you don’t want to miss or wading through large amounts of data in search of one item is often a waste of time. With Connect, you can forget about the habit of compulsively checking the status of your applications and instead focus on tasks that really matter.

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Connect filters let you get the exact data you need

Advanced filters

Focus on data that matters

Notifications can be a distraction, especially for emails that pile up quickly. If you’ve ever wondered how to take full control of your email delivery, look no further!

Connect lets you configure its built-in filter to receive updates only about the emails you care about by setting rules like forwarding emails based on the sender’s address or with a specific subject to a given destination.

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With Connect you can extract content based on the specified criteria

Content extractions

Forward only relevant information

Connect extracts parts from a large source message based on defined keywords and forwards such information further — even to destinations that do not support filtering at all!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use HipChat’s message output area to get latest information you have received via email, such as the booking reference number for the flight you’re about to take, the date of the delivery of the product you’ve ordered or whatever information you wish to see?

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Connect gets data from one source and pushes it to multiple destinations

Multiple destinations

Simultaneous flow of information from one app to multiple apps

With Connect, you can quickly design your own robust integrations to get data and content from one source and simultaneously push it to multiple destinations.

Connect can read from and write to multiple of popular cloud applications to better adapt to the way you work. Services Connect can sync include Twitter, HipChat, RSS, Email and Webhook.

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Connect is available anytime, anywhere you are connected

Online access

Software as a Service

Connect is an online service, so you can access it on demand, anywhere you are connected.

As a cloud-based application, Connect does not require any upfront investment such as servers or disk space, sparing you lots of money, installation hassles and maintenance worries. You will always have the latest upgrades simply by logging in.

Connect also gives you a clear idea of what your costs will be, allowing for more precise budget forecast than in case of on-premise software.

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Apps you can connect

Integrate different apps and keep all your business data under control


Automatically update your Twitter status or respond to posts on a specific topic published by your favorite followers


Instantly react to and manage incoming Salesforce leads, sales or opportunities


Push real-time updates or reminders from source applications to a HipChat room or to a specific person


Automatically create a JIRA task based on information you receive from your source applications


Push relevant information to any of your custom business services and applications


Manage hundreds of emails a day by handling them automatically, without any effort on your side


Automatically check your favorite sites for new updates


Push real-time updates or reminders from source applications into the Slack channel of your choice


Add new subscribers like Salesforce leads or new email contacts from different sources to any mailing list you need


Get notifications for new Gmail emails matching your Gmail search query


Get real-time updates about incoming payments without any effort

Plans and pricing

Enjoy free testing and brace yourself for flexible prices

No credit card

Test it for free

Connect comes with a free trial, giving you full access to all the features for 30 days, free of charge or obligation. Evaluate it today to see how it works for you and your business.

  • Standard
  • $15 / month
  • 30-day trial
  • 15 Connections
  • 3000 Messages
  • Free Support
  • Register
Once you exceed your package limit, you will be charged another $15 fee for the next package.

No commitments

Pay only for what you use

Available at a competitive price, Connect is a postpaid solution that allows you to get automatically charged for what you used on a regular, monthly basis.